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Medios de envío

Short con tiro extra-alto. Sus formas redondeadas estilizan las piernas y son super femeninas. Tejido texturado tipo nido de abeja.

No usamos plástico y hacemos COMPOST Textil con nuestros desperdicios de producción para nuestros elementos de yoga.

FFOCCO’s PANAL super high-waist  short, curves and counter-curves pattern. Femme silhouette. Includes construction details like flatlock seaming. Wear-tested by our in-house team for the perfect fit. Medium support.

Ultimate performance honeycomb texture, compression and soft technology, stretch fabric for a move-with-you feel.

Concepts like “NO plastic”, “Zero waste”, “Reuse” and “Recycling” are present in our process of making athletic wear for the eco-conscious. We use textile compost to make our yoga elements, yinyoga rugs and bolsters.